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Why Our Team is Dedicated to Provided Music Therapy Services to Seniors Throughout Ontario

Many of our community partnerships at Miya Music Therapy are with retirement and long-term care homes, providing 1 to 1 and group services to seniors. We also work with seniors in other settings including in their homes and through adult day services. Our team at MMT is truly devoted to improving the quality of life of older adults living with various challenges.

Let's get to know some of our team members and why they love working in senior care:

"Senior care has been hit especially hard throughout this pandemic. On top of health challenges, there is a lot of grief, isolation, fear, and boredom. When I enter a home or facility, the need for music therapy is ever so apparent. My favourite aspect of the work is getting to know people beyond their diagnoses and/or difficult circumstances. Music, respect, and patience go a long way in reaching someone who is navigating late-stage dementia. I love working a job that encourages creativity, storytelling, and liveliness. Some days are nothing short of magic."

Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg

"Seniors have a lifetime of stories to tell. They have seen and experienced much. Music gives them an opportunity to share their stories not just with me but with their families and caregivers. Music unlocks a part of their memories, a reminder to who they are and where they came from. It’s a beautiful thing. This is why I am dedicated to improving the quality of life in senior care."

Steffi Ching

"I love working with seniors because I've seen how music can be impactful in their lives and I've seen change unfold within and because of the music. Music therapy can empower, break barriers, give opportunities, and create connections. I love seeing a face light up when they hear their name sung in a song or hearing a resident who has difficulty with their memory, sing every lyric to a familiar song or watching group members with language barriers play their instruments in sync. I love that we can use music to target different goal areas in senior care and make a small difference in improving their quality of life!"

Carmen Lee

Music therapy has been studied and proven to be effective working with seniors, in supporting their quality of life and overall well-being. It is a privilege to witness the positive impact that a song can have on someone struggling with memory loss, or the motivation music gives someone to move their bodies. One role I have been passionate about is supporting families as they also experience many changes with a loved one in senior care. We as music therapists can support the transition through family-centered musical interactions, and meaningful music making together.

Amelia Ballak

Working with seniors throughout this pandemic has taught me so much, and has been so rewarding. Each senior I work with has such a rich and beautiful history, which is often overshadowed by a decline in health or cognitive abilities. Music therapy allows seniors to interact freely, have their voice heard, and engage in meaningful connections with others. Seeing the joy on their faces, hearing them sing along to their favourite song, and watching them develop their relationships with other seniors has reminded me of why music therapy is so necessary in senior care. They deserve our utmost care and respect, and I’m grateful that music therapy is becoming more widely used to improve the quality of life for seniors!

Holly Cushing


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