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About Us

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In 2015, I founded Miya Creative Care (previously known as Miya Music Therapy) with two clear intentions. The first was to do the work that I love and practice as a Certified Music Therapist working primarily with older adults in long-term care homes. The second was to make as many health and wellness organizations aware of the vast benefits of music therapy as possible so that more individuals could access services that could significantly improve their quality of life. 


Through this education and advocacy, I happily found the need for music therapy services increasing and began to onboard an incredible team of music therapists who were dedicated to the company's purpose of empowering and enriching lives. 

As our team continued to grow, so did our care partnerships which now include those with senior living homes, hospices, mental health centres, and disability services. ​


In 2022, we began to offer additional Creative Arts Therapies services including Art Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy to our care partners and private clients. Providing these expanded services has been an undertaking close to my heart.


I am thrilled that we can now provide a variety of options for clients and patients who may find a certain creative arts modality particularly meaningful and engaging. 

I am lucky to work with a wonderful team of Creative Arts Therapists who care deeply about improving the health and wellness outcomes of each and every individual they work with. 

I would love to learn more about what brought you here. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Miya Adout, MTA

Founder & Director, Miya Creative Care

Who we are

Our 5 core values are woven into everything we do, from our collaboration with care partners, to the services we provide, to the team support we offer one another. They are:


Respect, Honesty and Integrity


Dedication to Quality of Care







At our core

How we ensure a successful integration of creative arts therapies into your care model:


A Dedicated Team with Diverse Skills & Experiences

Whether your care organization plans to integrate music therapy, art therapy, dance/movement therapy, or all of our creative arts therapy services - our first step is to match you with a creative arts therapist(s) from our dedicated team of certified therapists: 

At MCC we always 

  • Get to know your care organization, your company culture and core values, the people you serve and their unique needs in order to match you with a creative arts therapist that matches your company's needs. 

  • Ensure your creative arts therapist(s) has experience with and a passion for the populations your care organization serves.

  • Focus on our team's professional development and continual learning through ongoing team workshops, invited guest speakers, and learning series. 

Our Team

Our team at Miya Creative Care:

comes with diverse experiences and areas of focus including mental health, pediatrics, neurologic conditions, elderly care, and much more. 

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What Drives Us

Our Purpose

To empower and enrich lives

Our Mission

To improve wellness outcomes by successfully integrating creative arts therapies into your organization’s care model.

Our Vision

That every health and wellness organization throughout Ontario include creative arts therapies as an integral part of their care model to enrich the quality of life of the individuals they serve.

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