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MCC Care Partnerships

Empowering & Enriching Lives

Our mission at MIYA Creative Care is to improve health and wellness outcomes by successfully integrating creative arts therapies into your organization’s care model. We care deeply about creating reliable and long-lasting partnerships with organizations throughout Ontario so that patients, clients, and residents can benefit from music therapy, art therapy and dance/movement therapy. 

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Who we partner with

An elderly person sits in a chair while another person stands behing them with their hands over the senior's chest.

Senior Living Homes

A person is sitting in a wheelchair. There is a man blurred in the distance.

Disability Services

A young woman in a blue surgical mask looks out of a window. She has a stethoscope around her neck.


A person lays in a hospital bed in a green surgical gown with another person standing beside them with a hand on their shoulder.

Hospice & Bereavement

Four women stand with and support each other with their hands on the shoulders of one of the woman who is wearing a green t-shirt. They're all looking down in the same direction.

Community-Based &
Social Service Centers

A young man is working on a project on his table. He has a pencil in hand. He is getting direction from an older woman who is across from him examining his work.

Mental Health

One women and 5 kids. One kid is wearing a hijab and playing a blue ukelele. The woman in the middle of the photo has a tambourine in her hand. The kid in fornt of her plays the drums. Another kid on the right of the photo has an orange shaker in their hand. The kid on the far right plays a recorder.


Looking for private music, art, or dance/movement therapy for yourself or a loved one?


Discover your perfect package! Our customized care partnerships offer a certified creative arts therapist, in-service for your team, individual and group sessions, documentation, specialized programs, and a yearly talent show for your entire community. 


Weekly group sessions.


Group sessions, 1 to 1 sessions, and documentation. 

Full-Day +

Group, 1 to 1, specialty programs, yearly talent show, documentation and more. 

Bring Quality Creative Arts Therapies to Your Community

Work with one vendor to provide you with all of your creative arts therapies needs!

At orCae

At our core

How we ensure a successful integration of creative arts therapies: 

An image of Jonathan Han with a hand drum in his lap.

A Dedicated Team with Diverse Skills & Experiences

Whether your care organization plans to integrate music therapy, art therapy, dance/movement therapy, or all of our creative arts therapy services - our first step is to match you with a creative arts therapist(s) from our dedicated team of certified therapists: 

At MCC we always 

  • Get to know your care organization, your company culture and core values, the people you serve and their unique needs in order to match you with a creative arts therapist that matches your company's needs. 

  • Ensure your creative arts therapist(s) has experience with and a passion for the populations your care organization serves.

  • Focus on our team's professional development and continual learning through ongoing team workshops, invited guest speakers, and learning series. 

More about MCC

  • How can our organization get started with a care partnership with MIYA Creative Care?
    Initiating a care partnership with MIYA Creative Care is simple and seamless. Reach out to our team through the contact information provided on our website, and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your organization's specific needs, goals, and preferences. Together, we will design a creative arts therapy program that aligns with your vision and enhances the well-being of your residents or patients. We always begin partnerships with an in-service presentation for your team, a referral form, and ensuring clarity along the way.
  • How does MIYA Creative Care ensure that its therapists integrate as part of our care team?
    At MIYA Creative Care, we ensure that our therapists seamlessly integrate as part of your care team by selecting individuals who align with your values and specific needs. Through open communication and collaboration, our therapists become an integral part of your organization, fostering a cohesive approach to care. Each of our therapists is assigned a Clinical Lead who helps to guide them and provide support, sometimes visiting on-site. Moreover, we encourage our therapists can take part in your team's care meetings, documentation and collaborative events. Our referral system and experience with documentation help to provide clear communication tools with the greater care team.
  • How can creative arts therapies benefit residents and patients in various settings?
    Music therapy, art therapy and dance/movement therapy have been shown to have profound positive effects on individuals in care settings. These therapies can help reduce feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression while fostering a sense of community and self-expression. Engaging in music, art, and movement therapy can also stimulate cognitive function, reduce challenging behaviours and provide an avenue for emotional release and processing.
  • What types of creative arts therapies does MIYA Creative Care offer through its care partnerships?
    At MIYA Creative Care, our care partnerships include a range of creative arts therapies, such as music therapy, art therapy, and dance-movement therapy. Our team of certified therapists are well-versed in integrating these modalities to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of individuals in care settings.

Our Clients Say

Jessica (1).jpg
"They responded quickly to my inquiry and set us up with the music therapist in a timely fashion. The music therapist has been an incredible asset to the adult day program. He brings life and light to the clients that he meets. He is very personable and ensures each program is individualized for the clients."

Program Manager, Adult Day Program

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