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Care Partnerships

Our mission at Miya Creative Care is to improve health and wellness outcomes by successfully integrating creative arts therapies into your organization’s care model. We care deeply about creating reliable and long-lasting partnerships with organizations throughout Ontario so that patients, clients, and residents can benefit from creative arts therapies. 


Our Care Partnership packages include: 

  • Drop-In (2 Hours/week)

  • Half-Day (4 Hours/week)​

  • Full Day (7 Hours + / week)

We work with your unique organization to select the package that best meets your needs. Our packages include matching you with a qualified creative arts therapist, providing an in-service for your team, individual and group sessions, documentation, specialized programs, and a yearly talent show.  Learn more about our care partnerships below. 

Holding Hands

Who we partner with


Senior Living Homes


Disability Services




Hospice & Bereavement

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Community-Based &
Social Service Centers


Mental Health



At orCae

At our core

How we ensure a successful integration of creative arts therapies: 

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A Dedicated Team with Diverse Skills & Experiences

Whether your care organization plans to integrate music therapy, art therapy, dance/movement therapy, or all of our creative arts therapy services - our first step is to match you with a creative arts therapist(s) from our dedicated team of certified therapists: 

At MCC we always 

  • Get to know your care organization, your company culture and core values, the people you serve and their unique needs in order to match you with a creative arts therapist that matches your company's needs. 

  • Ensure your creative arts therapist(s) has experience with and a passion for the populations your care organization serves.

  • Focus on our team's professional development and continual learning through ongoing team workshops, invited guest speakers, and learning series. 

Explore a Care Partnership with Miya Creative Care

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