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Let's Enrich lives with Music, Art, and Dance Therapy, Together

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We partner with communities across Ontario to bring Music, Art, & Dance Therapy

Woman in cream sweater is playing an acoustic guitar, a tool used often in music therapy.

Enrich Your Life and Community
with Music, Art, and Dance Therapy

Empowering and enriching lives across Ontario in long-term care homes, hospice care, disability services, and more.

Looking for individual therapy? Click here.

Meet MIYA Creative Care

Founded in 2015 by certified music therapist Miya Adout, MIYA Creative Care embarked on a mission to enhance wellness outcomes by seamlessly integrating creative arts therapies into organizations' care models. We take pride in serving various sectors, including senior living homes, hospices, mental health centers, disability services, and more.


We're a devoted team of Creative Arts Therapists dedicated to fostering well-being in Ontario, including Toronto, Mississauga, North York, Thornhill, Aurora, Waterloo, Oakville Hamilton, Kitchener, Paris, Niagara and beyond. Our offerings encompass Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance/Movement Therapy.

The Benefits of Music, Art, and Dance/Movement Therapies: 

  • Improve Emotional Well-being 

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Enhance Cognitive Function 

  • Boost Physical Mobility and Coordination

  • Encourage Creative Expression

  • Promote Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Facilitate Trauma Healing

  • Promote Social Interaction and Belonging

Young woman plays guitar across an older man who is playing a drum with his hands.

Bring a Creative Arts Therapist to Your Community with Care Partnerships

At MIYA Creative Care, our goal is to enhance health and wellness results by seamlessly incorporating creative arts therapies into your institution's care framework. We are committed to cultivating strong and enduring collaborations with organizations across Ontario, ensuring that individuals, clients, and residents can access the transformative benefits of music therapy, art therapy, and dance/movement therapy. Currently, we partner with:

An elderly person sits in a chair while another person stands behing them with their hands over the senior's chest.

Senior Living Homes

A person is sitting in a wheelchair. There is a man blurred in the distance.

Disability Services

A young woman in a blue surgical mask looks out of a window. She has a stethoscope around her neck.


A person lays in a hospital bed in a green surgical gown with another person standing beside them with a hand on their shoulder.

Hospice & Bereavement

Four women stand with and support each other with their hands on the shoulders of one of the woman who is wearing a green t-shirt. They're all looking down in the same direction.

Community-Based &
Social Service Centers

A young man is working on a project on his table. He has a pencil in hand. He is getting direction from an older woman who is across from him examining his work.

Mental Health

One women and 5 kids. One kid is wearing a hijab and playing a blue ukelele. The woman in the middle of the photo has a tambourine in her hand. The kid in fornt of her plays the drums. Another kid on the right of the photo has an orange shaker in their hand. The kid on the far right plays a recorder.


Powered by Certified Music, Art, and Dance Therapists

Image of Miya Adout, a certified music therapist that created MIYA Creative Care
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Our certified music therapists hold degrees in Music Therapy with 1000-hour internships. Our Art Therapists meet Canadian Art Therapy Association standards. In Dance/Movement Therapy, practitioners in Canada require international training or the Alternate Route DMT program, coupled with another Master's degree in psychology/health, reflecting the evolving nature of the field in the country. The team, diverse and skilled, includes members with additional certifications such as Registered Psychotherapist and/or Neurologic Music Therapy.

Our Care Partnership Process


Book Your Discovery Call

In our discovery call, we'll work together to figure out your needs. We'll also take a look at what resources and spaces are available as well as which of our available packages can suit your your clients best. This helps us set clear goals and work within your budget.


Match With a Therapist 

All of our certified therapists are experienced in working with a variety of ages and populations. We'll match you with one of our available team members who aligns with your needs. We'll collaborate to design a tailored program, schedule sessions, and create a comfortable setting in your community.


Implement and Monitor

Using our tried and true method of implementation we will provide an initial presentation for your care team, and begin with referrals and assessments. Together, we will create a schedule and caseload and will adjust based on the results we observe, ensuring that the program we've put in place enhances your community's quality of life.

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Join Partners who Bring MIYA Creative Care to Their Communities

We build strong care partnerships with organizations throughout Ontario including senior living homes, hospices, mental health organizations, and education centres. 

Moms and Babies

MCC Community Programs

In an effort to create vibrant communities, we offer engaging programs like 'Little Tunes,' a musical bonding experience for caregivers and babies. These short-term, highly interactive programs encourage social connection and community well-being.

Learn With Us

A laptop sits on a wooden table with an active Zoom call is open. A turquiose mug sits beside it.

Looking For Professional Development?

Check out our hub for knowledge sharing, our professional development sector offers workshops, symposiums, and educational content for budding and seasoned creative arts therapists alike. A space to inspire, learn, and grow.

What Our Clients Have to Say

SPRINT Senior Care

"Miya and her team of therapists are amazing! They have provided meaningful engagement to the clients that I work with. It improves their mood and brightens their day substantially. It is wonderful and heart warming to see the power of music in action."

Bring Music, Art, and Dance/Movement Therapy
to the Communities You Serve

Engage with our certified therapists as you embark on your creative arts therapy journey. MIYA Creative Care is committed to guiding you toward wellness through music, art, and dance/movement therapy. Connect with us now to discover the therapeutic benefits of creative arts for mental health and overall well-being.

Looking for individual psychotherapy?

Our sister site offers online psychotherapy services by our dual-certified creative arts therapists and psychotherapists.

No previous experience with the arts is required. 

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