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Let’s work together to improve client health and wellness outcomes

with the creative arts therapies.

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Empowering and Enriching Lives

Our team of Creative Arts Therapists serve communities throughout Ontario to
improve health and wellness outcomes. 

What we do

Our Creative Arts Therapists work towards goals within Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Motor and Communication domains.

Join Partners who Bring Miya Creative Care to Their Communities

We build strong care partnerships with organizations throughout Ontario including senior living homes, hospices, mental health organizations, and education centres. 

Why Partner with MCC?

Our Dedicated Team

Our Collaborative Process

Our Reliable Systems


"Miya and her team of Music Therapists are amazing! They have provided meaningful engagement to the clients that I work with. It improves their mood and brightens their day substantially. It is wonderful and heart warming to see the power of music in action."

SPRINT Senior Care

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