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Keeping Older Adults Connected Through Music Therapy During Seniors Month in Ontario

June is Seniors Month here in Ontario: a time to celebrate and recognize older adults in our community. This year's theme is 'Stay safe, active, and connected'. Here at Miya Music Therapy, we work hard to help seniors stay connected to themselves, their loved ones and their community through music therapy.

Connection to Self:

Music therapists can support older adults by improving their self-connection. This can be through the use of music and the therapeutic relationship to address personal thoughts, feelings, and expectations. A client may find they are able to express themselves more feely and meaningful through music then words alone. Self-connection can also be improved upon by helping a client connect to the present moment through music and mindfulness techniques. For an older adult who is experiencing cognitive challenges due to dementia or other neurological disorders, music therapy can help them connect to their past, spark moments of joy, and help bring awareness to their present environment.

Connection to Loved Ones:

Music therapy is often sought out to help older adults not only connect with themselves, but connect meaningfully with their loved ones. Throughout the pandemic this has become a primary area of need for many seniors and families who inquire about music therapy. When being in together in person is not possible, we are able to help seniors connect with their loved ones and share in the joy of music-making together via virtual sessions.

Connection to Community:

Group music therapy can be an excellent way to promote a strong sense of connection to one's community. It can inspire community members to not only share in music together, but to also share stories and experiences prompted by the music and can as well as empower them to create something new together.

To learn more about how music therapy can help you or your loved one stay connected, please email or call 416-951-2788


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