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5 Meaningful Ways To Weave More Music Into Your Daily Life

When planning personal health and wellness goals in order to improve our overall wellbeing, many tend to first think of important factors such as an exercise regime, a healthy diet, and a good work/life balance. But, how many stop to think about their daily music-intake?

Adding more music into your daily life can help to improve your mood, reduce stress-levels, and induce calmness.

If you would to add more music in your life in order to make positive changes to your wellbeing, try selecting one of the items below for the next few months. My personal favourite is #3: 'The Monthly Playlist'!

1. The Daily Song Unwind

Select a time towards the end of each day that you will dedicate for pausing everything else and listening to one song which helps you to unwind. The song may be the same each day, or change frequently. The key to this exercise is to listen with intention and not just have it playing in the background while doing other tasks. This should be your personal set-aside time to wind down after your long day. Perhaps you will close your eyes and breathe slowly while listening, or perhaps you will set up a comfortable spot and reflect on your day while listening. The choice is yours - enjoy!

2. The Weekly Music Discovery

Set aside time to discover new music each week. Throughout the pandemic, many friends have shared that they have found themselves turning more and more to new music they have never heard before rather than music they love from their past. Perhaps this is because we are all experiencing waves of emotions that our new to us during the pandemic and the best way to hear that reflected back is to listen to new melodies, rhythms, and lyrics that we haven't yet experienced. Whatever the reason may be, setting aside a time each week to dedicate to discovering new music can be an excellent and enjoyable way to incorporate more music into your life overall.

3. The Monthly Playlist

As each month comes to an end take some time to set an intention for the month ahead. One way to do this is to take out a pen and paper and pick 1-3 words to represent your next months' intentions. For example, my 2 words for April are Energy & Friendship. My playlist for the month includes songs that ignite and reflect those intention words. The act of creating the playlist and selecting songs can help to create a space that allows you to reflect on and sit with your hopes for the month ahead. Come back to listen to and enjoy this playlist throughout the month as a reminder of your hopes and intentions.

4. Music Exchange Pal

Pick a partner to exchange music with on a weekly or monthly basis. You can choose to exchange a song that you have enjoyed or a new artist you have discovered. This option can be a really fun way to connect meaningfully with a friend and can also be a great way to remind yourself to discover and listen to new music.

5. Music Mornings

Pick a song that helps you feel energized and motivated to begin your day on the right foot. Perhaps you will listen to it while making your morning coffee, or while still laying in bed before your feet touch the ground. Doing this each day is sure to increase daily music intake!

Let us know in the comment section which one you have chosen. We look forward to hearing from you!


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