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Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Music: Reduce Stress and Tension with a Certified Music Therapist

During our busy lives, it can be important to take time each day to check in with our body and mind. One of the many ways we can do this is through relaxation and mindfulness techniques that allow us to become more in-tune with ourselves.

A popular technique for both relaxation and mindfulness is called progressive muscle relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is an exercise aimed at reducing stress and muscle tension. It is most useful when practiced often but can provide immediate feedback of relaxation from certain muscle groups.

PMR is typically not employed using music however, as music therapists, we know that music can cue breathing and other physical responses through priming muscles for movement. In this way, PMR combined with music can be an effective mindfulness practice allowing us to be present with our body while remaining non-judgmental and purely noticing.  

- Naomi Ben-Aharon, BMT, MTA


We hope you enjoy the guided video below where one of Miya Music Therapy's certified music therapists, Naomi Ben-Aharon, leads you through PMR with music. Get comfy, breathe, and enjoy!


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