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Taylor Kurta


Music Therapist

Taylor Kurta is an award-winning singer/songwriter, music therapist, and PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo in Aging, Health and Well-being. In 2013 Taylor received the honour as the inaugural winner of the Canada’s Walk of Fame/RBC Emerging Artist Music Mentorship Program. From there, Taylor attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she obtained a bachelor’s in music therapy as the first non-classically trained musician admitted into the program. She then attended the University of Toronto for a master’s in music and health science. As an accredited music therapist since 2019, Taylor’s work has focused on using music as a way to support older adults in creative self-expression and social justice initiatives. Her doctoral research uses collaborative songwriting with people living with dementia as a tool to challenge stigma associated with dementia.

Taylor Kurta

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