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Miya Adout


Founder, Director, Music Therapist

Miya Adout is a graduate of Concordia University where she received a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies after having completed a BA in Cultural Studies. Miya works with individuals of all ages and abilities and specializes in dementia care. Miya opened her private practice, Miya Music Therapy, in 2015 with the purpose of empowering and enriching lives through music.

MMT now consists of a team of certified music therapists providing services to individuals and care-facilities throughout Ontario and beyond via both in-person and virtual sessions. Aside from her clinical work, Miya is also passionate about sharing the impact of music therapy through keynote presentations and workshops. Miya is the current Education Chair on the Board of Directors for the Music Therapy Association of Ontario, provides business coaching to healthcare entrepreneurs, and is the creator of Connect 2 Music Therapy: An Online Global Magazine for Music Therapists. When she's not working on expanding her practice, Miya enjoys playing with her toddler, spending time in nature, and practicing photography.

Miya Adout


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