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Exploring Soothing Sounds: Music Therapy at a Day Program for Adults with Disabilities

MCC Music therapist, Jacob De Rose, provides thoughtful and creative services to our care partners including a wonderful day program for adults with disabilities in North York, Ontario.

Jacob visits the day program twice/week for 4 hours at a time where he facilitates 1 to 1 and group music therapy sessions.

Below, Jacob shares some of the materials, interventions and instruments he has been bringing to his work.

We are grateful for our creative and dedicated team who empower and enrich the lives of our clients.

"Today at Harmony Place we are exploring the soothing sounds of the ocean drum, tongue drum, singing bowl, finger cymbals, kalimba, claves, and shakers!

Lately I have been pairing these instruments with an app called "myNoise", which contains a series of soundscapes the user can change in real time. For example, I can play a forest soundscape that contains birds, wind, a flowing river, and footsteps walking down a path, while choosing which sounds I want to hear using a series of faders.
I like to encourage participants to generate their own personalized soundscapes to accompany their improvisations on the instruments available to them. Next, we can decide which instruments might sound best with the particular soundscape they have chosen, and then improvise over the soundscape with those instruments.
The improvisations can even be recorded and used by participants outside of the session for relaxation, meditation, or falling asleep.
There are so many interesting ways to use these instruments and technological tools in music therapy sessions, and I am excited to continue exploring the possibilities with the folks I work with!"

- Jacob De Rose, Music Therapist

Miya Creative Care


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