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Disability Services

We integarte creative arts therapies by certified music therapists and art therapists into organizations who serve communities of those with disabilities, special needs and medical complexities. Our team is highly passionate about working with people of all ages and needs towards their goals and improving their quality of life through the creative arts. Our services are goal-oriented and can include expanding social and communication skills, increasing non-verbal self-expression, and developing coping mechanisms for anxiety.

At Miya Creative Care we always begin by matching your organization with a certified creative arts therapist as determined by the services you are looking for; music therapy, art therapy, and/or dance therapy.

We would love to connect with your organization to learn more about your unique needs and share more about MCC's Collaborative Process that makes the integration of the creative arts therapies successful. This includes our initial team presentation, referral process, specialized programs and our yearly on-site Talent Show.

Contact us here to learn more about our package options.

Our Disability Service partners include:

  • Education centres

  • Adult day programs

  • Summer camps

  • Community centres

  • Support services

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